Prelaunch Creator Grant 2023 is Now Open!

Are you launching a new product? Want to make sure that it will make a huge splash?
See If You Qualify is opening its doors to applications from creators around the world.
Get your idea in front of 1 million people, collect subscribers, generate pre-sales, and validate your product market fit with Prelaunch’s Creator Grant!

5 Niches. 10 Creators.

If you’re developing a product in one of these niches, you have the chance to become one of the creators to receive the exclusive Prelaunch Creator Grant.
Electric Mobility
Pet Products
Indoor Planting
Design and Tech
Get New Customers, Validate Product Concepts and Develop a Community for FREE.

What will you get?

  • Free exposure to up to 1 million early adopters ($10,000 worth)
  • $5k-10k advertising grant
  • Up to 5 concept or price validation tests
  • Advanced feedback and consumer insights
  • Early community and new leads
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
  • Free Pro Plan on ($4950)
  • Free Concierge Service: A-Z campaign management, including page design, copy, ads, email marketing, community management etc. ($5000 worth)
  • Up to 5,000 new leads
Total Value $35,000

About is the world’s #1 product validation platform based on real purchase intent.

It helps to predict any product’s launch success, helping you avoid wasting a significant amount of resources on unexpected failures.

It helps creators generate leads, gather advanced customer insights, validate product concepts and pricing, get pre-orders, and co-create products with their community.

Who can apply?

Anyone who creates physical consumer products and sells them online can apply to the Prelaunch Creator Grant. This is a highly competitive grant with 100s of creators applying. So to increase your chances of success, we recommend you have the following:
  • An innovative product concept
  • A proven record of 2 quality delivered different products over the past 2 years
  • Commitment to delivering products within 6 months
  • A dedicated customer support team
  • A review score of at least 4.5 on your past products
If you think you qualify, please apply below:
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Applications close on March 15th. After that, no other applications will be considered.